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The Challenge: Expanding the MyNorth brand, digital readership, potential subscribers, & increase the overall appeal to local event creators.

The Solution: Use their ticketing brand powered by Evvnt to gather and use ticket buyer email addresses for digital outreach. To date they’ve gathered over 100,000 local email addresses.

Traverse City is a small town in northern Michigan with just under 15,000 residents locally and approximately 500,000 in the region. It’s also the home of My North Media and My North Tickets. Faced with the challenge of expanding their brand, reach, audience, and overall appeal to local event creators My North Media turned to expanding their digital presence through event newsletters focused on their ticketing brand powered by Evvnt Ticketing.

The audience for these newsletters was built through My North Tickets and the ticket buyer email addresses that have been gathered organically through the events they’ve ticketed. This audience has grown to well over
100,000 subscribers and is one of their biggest email databases for outreach.

Not only is this audience used to drive more ticket sales through My North Tickets, it creates an exclusive opportunity to be featured in these event newsletters. Spots in these newsletters are reserved only for event creators using My North Tickets. This exclusivity is a huge driver for drumming up interest in ticketing through My North and increasing their over digital revenue without dipping into their other digital revenue streams.

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners