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Local customers are usually the most loyal clientele a business will ever have. Traditionally, local marketing has favoured offline methods of publicity such as posters, flyers or community message boards but online marketing has revolutionised how business can connect with local customers.

How to Promote Your Business and Events to Local Customers Online

1. Hyperlocal Bloggers
London is a hotbed for local bloggers. Everything from local listings and daily photo blogs to video guides, audio walking tours and podcasts can take a neighbourhood focus. One of our favourite local London sites, Love Camden, manages to break down this huge borough further to cover different areas of North London from Bloomsbury to West Hampstead.

Outside of London, but still in England, cities such as Manchester and Brighton are also home to a great many enthusiastic and informative local bloggers who like to spread the word about what’s on in their cities. Sites such as Things to do in Manchester and Restaurants Brighton give a local angle of the best hotspots.

2. Hyperlocal Twitter accounts
While most of the hyperlocal bloggers that we’ve already discussed also run Twitter accounts that help to promote their blogs or website, there are a great many Twitter accounts devoted to local areas that source content from a great many places.

In London alone, there are hundreds of Twitter accounts devoted to the many unique areas of the capital and since the 140 character limit is a lot less time consuming than blogging, maintaining just a Twitter account is becoming increasingly common. Accounts like Stokey Bites provide little snippets of information for Stoke Newington residents keen to keep up on events, news or new store openings.

3. Use Google
The use of geo-location and mapping based tools such as Google Places and Google Maps has risen dramatically in the marketing community within the last few years. Google Places allows local businesses to create a free listing. Which gets a favourable placement in Google’s search results for keywords and locations that are relevant to each local business. These listings can showcase excellent customer reviews and help drive traffic company website from potential local customers.

4. Offer deals to local customers
Facebook Places and Foursquare are two great sites on which to offer deals aimed at local customers. Merchants and small business owners can claim their online locations and fill out the information for these business listings to promote short-term special offers. To keep things social, Facebook and Foursquare also allow users from the community to offer tips or feedback about these business locations.

5. Local government websites
Most local governments, cities and boroughs maintain active websites full of information about local communities across the UK. Wherever your events are taking place, it’s worthwhile to contact you local council’s website who will usually post listings online, send out email newsletter about upcoming events and generally promote them around the community.

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