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With the advent of social media sites and mobile marketing , the rules of event promotion have changed and that can be confusing. That is why we have gathered some marketing tips, especially for event promoters! Here are the 5 bases you should cover to stay in the game.

1. Build your brand
Companies are starting to realise the true potential of using the internet as a brand building tool, and the value of selling an experience.
– Get creative and build your authentic brand logo or message
– Use your branding in a consistent way as this will create your event’s identity
– Build a website that is interesting, informative and easy to access
Develop an active social media presence with Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, etc.
Once those interfaces are up and running, you can make them work together to grow your company’s presence online and simplify your fans’ search queries.

2. Pick a connected venue
A good entertainment venue is one that invests in social media. Here are some questions you should keep in mind while in the process of picking a venue to host your next event:
– How attractive and user friendly is their website?
– Do they have a Facebook fan page and a Twitter page that are regularly updated?
– How large and up to date are their contacts lists?
The more connected your venue is, the easier it will be for them to help you promote your event through their social media channels. You can create a lasting memory of your event by hiring a professional photographer and by publishing the pictures on both the venue’s and your Facebook fan pages.
Tip: Include the name and date of your event as the description of each image for reference. Also, ask the photographer to collect the name and email address of one person per group.

3. Target your audience online
We know that getting a consistent audience to follow your events online can be a bit of a challenge. An easy way to begin this process is running promotions on your Twitter page. Use relevant Twitter hashtag in your post (e.g. #deals or #promotions) to rally your follower base and collect extra information about them, such as their email address. After a couple of promotions, you will identify the different taste patterns of your followers. Use this information to split your subscriber lists into different categories (gig-goers, clubbers, comedy fans etc.). Once your contact lists are complete, you are only a few steps away from creating targeted email campaigns.

4. Target your audience on-the-go
Mobile campaigns deliver the latest news and content from an event and create a feeling of exclusiveness. It is also a useful route to sponsorship as it offers a mobile vehicle for the placement of event branding and advertisement . You can either opt for a standard SMS or for a richer, more elaborate MMS. Evvnt makes it easy to design both of these and integrate mobile marketing into your existing campaign.
3 mobile marketing tips for events
1.)  It is generally advised for your mobile campaign to go live a week before the event. Include a teaser, an interview of the featured artist or a competition with prizes.
2.) Once your campaign is launched, you can gradually apply pressure as the event becomes imminent. For instance, include a countdown of the number of tickets available.
3.) Take the time to do a debriefing of how effective the mobile campaign was. Whilst analysing your ‘opt-in’ rate, be wary of the barriers such as perceived costs, lack of awareness or relevance, that could prevent customers to opting-in. Be sure to use these analytics in order to improve your next mobile campaign.

5. Create a buzz around your event
This goes without saying but if you want to increase the attendance at your events, you must put the word out as early as 3 weeks prior to event. Let the listings magazines and broadcast sites know about your event. Target editorial sites (Time Out, Spoonfed) and other relevant websites. Send them a short description of your event, a profile of the featured artists and illustrate your text with the right image for your event.

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