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Not knowing if you’re going to get a good turnout until the last minute can just add to the stress of organising an event – it would be so much better if people booked their tickets earlier! So we asked top event organisers how they persuade people to book tickets earlier. Here are their top three tips to boost early ticket sales:

1. Make social media work for you
Creating excitement about your event is the most popular way to boost early ticket sales. Using social media successfully can achieve this: the right tweets and Facebook updates create widespread online conversations about your event, generating a buzz that converts into direct ticket sales.

Getting others who are involved in the event like the act, band, or speakers to also use their social media spreads that conversation and excitement even further.

2. Offer an early bird discount
A tried-and-tested way to get people to book tickets earlier is to give them the incentive of a discount. This helps create a sense of urgency around your event – and 70% of event goers would prefer a discount on ticket price above any other kind of promotion!

Be sure to let people know that there’s a discount and when it ends so they know when to book by. Staggering the price so that you charge more as the event date approaches is also a popular tactic among event organisers.

3. Reward good behaviour!
Giving people a ‘reward’ for booking tickets early encourages more people to do it. Try a limited time give-away for the first people to get tickets. Using incentives around social media also works: find a way to reward the first people to ‘Like’ your event. You could run a ‘Twottery’ – yes, a Twitter lottery, in which every person that retweets about your event is entered into a prize draw.

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