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Evvnt and Letterhead Partner to Harness Email Marketing for Event Success

Evvnt, a leading force in ticketing, marketing, and event discovery, has proudly unveiled a new partnership with Letterhead, an innovative newsletter creation and monetization software. This strategic collaboration aims to empower Evvnt’s ticketing partners and venues by introducing high-impact, automated email products designed to elevate event exposure, boost ticket revenue, and enhance engagement.

The Power of Collaboration

Through this strategic alliance, Evvnt’s customers gain exclusive access to Letterhead’s advanced technology, known for achieving open and click rates 50% higher than industry averages for publishers of over 2,000 email newsletters. Simultaneously, Letterhead’s clientele can tap into Evvnt’s powerful event commerce software, unlocking new avenues for revenue growth and expanded reach through events.

Richard Green, Founder and CEO of Evvnt, expressed his enthusiasm for the collaboration, stating, “We’re excited to join forces with Letterhead to innovate email newsletter creation in the events industry. This collaboration symbolizes our dedication to constantly seeking fresh avenues to empower our customers.”

Revolutionizing Email Marketing

Chris Sopher, co-founder and CEO of Letterhead, emphasized the transformative potential of a robust email program in enhancing ticket sales and customer engagement. He noted, “That’s precisely why we’ve collaborated with Evvnt—to streamline the process, ensuring events effortlessly reach their intended audience.”

This partnership aims to provide Evvnt’s partners and customers with a competitive edge in their marketing strategy by leveraging Letterhead’s expertise to enhance newsletter performance. The result is anticipated to be increased ticket revenue and reduced costs, creating a win-win scenario for both parties involved.

Quotes from Key Figures

Richard Green shared his vision for the collaboration, saying, “By incorporating Letterhead into our platform, we aim to streamline the creation of impactful email campaigns for partners and venues. We strive to make reaching their audience, boosting engagement, and ultimately hosting successful events as seamless as can be.”

Chris Sopher echoed this sentiment, stating, “We’re delighted to partner with Evvnt to simplify email marketing in the events space, and give our customers a powerful new way to grow their events businesses.”

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About Evvnt

Evvnt, the Event Success Company, stands as a leader in event ticketing, marketing, and discovery. Their comprehensive suite of tools empowers every event stakeholder, offering solutions for those launching their own events business, organizing events, or seeking the perfect event to attend.

About Letterhead

Letterhead is an innovative platform that streamlines the process of creating, sending, and monetizing email newsletters. With its unique technology, Letterhead assists businesses in achieving significantly higher engagement rates, driving revenue through more effective email communications.

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