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Diagnostic et gestion des lésions du foie par des médicaments (DILI) était une formation de la DIA entièrement dédiée à l’injection de drogues par lésions hépatiques ( DILI ). Le cours été porté sur les progrès qui ont été réalisé dans la détection clinique et la prévention des DILI dans les essais cliniques et dans les […]

Add an event listing to XING Events – Submit an event TODAY XING  is a social software platform for enabling a small-world network  for professionals. The company claims that it is used by people from over 200 countries. The platform offers personal profiles, groups, discussion forums, event coordination, and other common social community features. Basic membership is free. But many core […]

Add an event listing to Merseyside Dance Initiative – Submit an event TODAY Merseyside Dance Initiative is one of the UK’s leading strategic dance agencies, whose mission is “inspiring people through dance”. From their Liverpool basethey work with partners to create a healthy and vibrant infrastructure for dance. They support dance artists through a professional development programme, […]

Go To My Salsa Club is the social network that connects salsa clubs and club members. It is a high quality informative website which offers its readers everything they need to know about their locality. The focus is very on trend, featuring places to eat, drink and shop, beautiful homes, the best schools and up to date […]

Aerowaves is a dance network which began in 1996, bounded only by the geography of Europe. It brings together specialists from 35 countries to look at the work of young choreographers. In the beginning, this resulted in many performance opportunities at The Place in London, leading to a steadily increasing number of presentations throughout the […]

Yogi London wants to create a platform where people who love (or might one day in the future love) all things yoga, not just practicing but also its lifestyle, can share their stories, tips and experiences. Over 10,000 yogis dedicate their time to teaching yoga across the UK. Yogi London brings together reviews of yoga centres across the capital and highlights some […]