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Case Study – 19th International Vascular Biology Meeting

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IVBM is widely recognized as a showcase for cutting edge basic and translational research in vascular biology. IVBM provides a unique forum where the international community can unite and exchange information on the most recent advancements in the field, discuss new directions and guide the next generation of scientists in vascular medicine. The meeting covered a […]

Case study – The 10th Congress of the Intl. Society of Nutrigenetics & Nutrigenomics

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The 10th International Conference on nutrigenomics  continues the tradition of providing a major international forum for the exchange of ideas and latest discoveries in all related, most fast moving disciplines of nutrigenetics and nutrigenomics. The ISNN was a unique platform for discussing the interplay between nutrition and the genome. The conference was designed for scientists and professionals […]

Case Study – ECB2016 – 17th European Congress on Biotechnology

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The ECBC2016 is Europe’s leading academic congress on Biotechnology. It was held on the 3rd of July in Kraków, over 1.000 scientists, industrialists and academics from all around the world attended the congress. Bringing together the international scientific community and the many segments of the biotech industry, the conference provided the perfect platform for exchanging […]

Case Study – 3rd International Workshop on Lung Health

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The 3rd International Workshop on Lung Health was dedicated to the Asthma and COPD and their impact on lung health. It was focused on similarities and differences between the two most important chronic pathologies affecting the lungs and on overlap syndrome with new updates and developments in the discipline, including important topics such as guiding the treatment approach, […]

Case Study – Diagnosis and management of drug induced liver injury (DILI)

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Diagnosis and management of drug induced liver injury (DILI) was a DIA training course entirely dedicated to Drug-Induced Liver Injury (DILI).The course covered the progress that has been made in the clinical detection and prevention of DILI in clinical trials and in post marketing phase. Regulatory guidelines need to be understood for an optimal assessment of […]

Case Study – Good Laboratory Practice Compliance Monitoring Summit

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Good Laboratory Practice standards were put into place not only to prevent the falsification of records, but also to ensure the uniformity and reproducibility of nonclinical safety testing. Those working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries must constantly examine and improve quality processes in order to adhere to FDA guidelines. The GLP Compliance Monitoring Summit […]