Meet colleagues and experts from more than 80 countries to discuss the latest trends and research in Dual Disorders and Dual Psycho-Pathology. Tilesa Kenes Spain were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new audience reach and event marketing momentum that ‘pings’ activity into natural search – the […]

The most visited website of the Spanish clubber scene. Clubbing Spain is the leading spanish electronic music site. It aims to publicise and promote the wide range of electronic music-related events taking place throughout the year in Spain. Everything you need to know if you are clubbing in Spain. It is a high quality informative website, […]

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Abre el ojo is a magazine of design, communication and fashion. Here you can find articles, exhibitions, events, news and cultural agenda with the latest trends. The magazine projects the cultural landscape of the city of Madrid and is a source of knowledge with a critical attitude that arouses the curiosity of the most creative and enthusiastic […]

Arte Dinamico,, offers visitors a wealth of free services such as: publishing works, promote personal pages and advertising agencies, self-learning tutorials, news on related topics, articles published by specialists, graphic terms dictionary, events industry, books, tricks to design programs and many other attractions. This site manages to gather as much information as Graphic Design, […] works on the development of what could be the first network of relations specializing in events – fairs and exhibitions worldwide. On this site you can find event organizers, exhibitors, service providers and visitors in general, using collective intelligence. It is a high quality informative website, which offers its readers everything they need to know about […]