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artsmARTSM or  Association for Road Traffic Safety & Management is an informed and influential force in the field of Highways and Transport. The Association seeks to benefit Members through its representative role, aiming to influence technological developments and improve standards in traffic engineering and operations.

Members are kept up to date with developments affecting the industry by means of regular emails from the Secretariat. We also fight for our members legal rights, and when necessary make representations on their behalf to both central and local government. The Association also attends major exhibitions and conferences such as the annual signs conference in Nottingham, the Seeing is Believing exhibition and Traffex. We also make regular contributions to the technical press such as Highways Magazine, Transport Professional and Local Government Executive dealing with issues of the day that affect our members.

Location: UK
Coverage: National
Mobile App: No
Unique Users: 5,000 per month
Local users: 50 per month
Sectors: Conference – Transport

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