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evvnt Platform is officially released – Event Marketing Automation

After speaking to hundreds of event organisers it was very clear to us that not only were event organisers challenged by juggling multiple marketing platforms, tight budgets and a limited amount of time, they wanted more from us than just the ability to list their events on publisher sites and track their events promotion during the all important build up.

The solution was to grow our platform and expand from targeted listings, reporting and analytics to a multi faceted marketing platform supplying event organisers with the ability to create an event marketing campaign like no other from one place… evvnt – Platform

Create an event marketing campaign for every event

One Dashboard which is connected to all marketing activities supplying powerful insights on your customers as they are created, tagged by source, genre location and profiled for retargeting.

evvnt Platform Dashboard Main

Submit an event and choose integrated Ticketing from our preferred partner Eventbrite, a unique event RSVP landing page is created and the events content is posted to unlimited event Listing sites.

Social Media posting tools let you post magic tracking links directly targeting your events page. Facebook notifications and SMS reminders are sent 24 hours before the event to each attendee…

evvnt Twitter Notifcations

For Twitter you have the ability to schedule tweets in advance to ensure your Twitter account remains active in the lead up to your event as well as during and after.

evvnt Pltform Facebook

With Facebook you have the option to send your event attendees a notification to remind them of your event 24 hours before it begins.

evvnt Platform SMSWe also give you the option to contact your event attendees by SMS text messaging 24 hours prior to your event. These features can be turned on or off with one click.
The Link Tracking tool continues to let you capture customer registrations directly in to your Customer Bank (CRM) from 100% of your marketing channels. An email newsletter automatically sends to your growing customer base weekly / monthly / quarterly. 

As RSVP’s start to develop and we can track where event attendees come from based on their location, genre preferences and buying habits, we believe customer profiling will be the key for increased results from smart customer data sets.

Add the event discovery Plugin to your website where your events will instantly appear.

evvnt Discovery Plugin calendar

An active calendar for all your events can be added to your website or blog easily by following our Discovery Plugin Guide

And quite simply that is how we are… Turning people into marketing ROCKSTARS

The reasoning behind the evvnt – Platform

See our investor slides on why we built evvnt – Platform


Screen Shot 2016-04-06 at 19.26.39

About evvnt
evvnt is a single submission event marketing and syndication service. From a single event submission customers have access to 6000+ event listing sites where event consumers are looking for events to attend. Through one simple interface, organisers can distribute and publish events to 50+ targeted listing sites in one click. The evvnt platform creates events awareness and momentum in organic search, mobile and social streams via a customised network on listing sites and feeds, maximising exposure prior to any event.

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