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Hearst Communications

LONDON, UK, September 18, 2017 – London-based marketing specialist evvnt today announced its partnership with Hearst Communications, one of the world’s largest media groups. The partnership will see evvnt provide its events discovery technology to two flagship online titles with more to be added over the rest of the year and into 2018.

The initial two titles to receive the new events engine are SFGate and the SeattlePI. Events-organisers and -goers will be able to use evvnt’s discovery technology to showcase and discover local events on the premier digital channels for these major cities. With evvnt’s pledge to help grow event audiences globally and locally, evvnt is opening access to its 4,500+ publisher network to all event organisers, helping them access new hyperlocal event audiences in a click.

Founded in 1887, Hearst manages 24 daily and 64 weekly major news titles in the US, along with many leading global magazines, digital titles and broadcasting medias. The partnership represents both side’s growing commitment to supporting local events, and marks another step of evvnt’s exclusive publishing access in the US, ensuring event organisers achieve the widest and highest quality exposure for their events across market-leading Hearst titles.

Currently in the middle of a growth investment raise, this partnership is part of evvnt’s 2017/8 strategy for strategic growth into the US, and provides an indicator to the company’s ambition targeting Hearst’s flagship sites. 

See the Event Discovery Listing on SFGATE – http://www.sfgate.com/events
Franc Coleman, Hearst’s Digital Product Manager, said;

“Sophistication made easy! Our partnership with evvnt has opened my eyes to the world of event marketing. Saving time by having our organiser’s events populated on qualified, relevant event listing sites in a matter of minutes along with search results is game changing. Using evvnt’s reporting analytics to provide greater transparency around our campaigns only adds to the value proposition of Hearst Media.
I’m a firm believer that evvnt is changing the event marketing space and I look forward to seeing what else this dynamic team brings to the table.”

For decades we have seen newspapers and news sites showcasing events content with no clearly defined premium offering that delivers accountable marketing. By incorporating event discovery on publishing channels with the evvnt premium marketing technology media companies have large revenue generating opportunity in this untapped $58bn dollar market. 
 Richard Green, CEO at evvnt, noted;

‘As part of our strategic focus to expand into the USA we specifically wanted to work with market leading brands and companies, Hearst is one of those exceptional companies with high traffic sites such as SFGate and SeattlePI. We’re excited to provide our event discovery tools to them and their teams, and to continue to show that we can create a big online footprint for local event organisers.”

Packaged in the deal includes event publishing tools, premium event marketing technology, ticketing and a events to revenue ‘go to market’ sales planning that showcases how to lead score events in to sales lead opportunities delivering predictable sales conversions for sales managers and teams. Understanding how an event based on timeline, capacity, ticket price and category relates to the likely hood to a sale is game changing to ensure revenue success.

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