Easter Events
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While still officially being a Holy day of obligation for Christians, in modern secular Britain the Easter weekend has become one of the busiest days in the clubbing calendar.
Every promoter worth his salt has something lined up, and if you don’t, fear not; there’s still plenty of time to put together the Easter events to end all Easter events.

Easter Events

Here’s Evvnt’s guide to organising and promoting a brilliant Easter event:

1. Start now
As you may have noticed when walking through the shops, most shops and brands have already started their Easter themed marketing. When you wait too long with starting the promotion for your Easter events, it might get lost in the noise. Which means your Easter promotion might not get the promotion you were hoping for. To avoid this get the jump on other events by starting the promotion for your event now!

2. Don’t beat around the bush
Make sure any content you sent potential clients via email or by social media offers a solution to people on the day, as in ‘Stuck for something to do on Easter? Have the night of your life with…’

3. Court the events press
The big event listings and broadcast sites will set up Easter themed pages with a run-down of their recommendations for the weekend. These guys generally want as much content as possible so get in touch to make sure your event is mentioned.

4. Plan for a roadblock, book a shed
OK, so maybe not to that extreme. But choose a venue that will be slightly cramped when half the people you want to turn up do so, and allow for at least a 60% no-show. That way your event will be remembered as the busiest in town. We’ve seen promoters make a last minute decision to swap to a smaller venue and it went down as one of the season’s hottest parties, similarly another promoter was trying to make the difficult transition to a much larger venue and a successful night for ticket sales looked like a disaster with the atmosphere of a noisy airport.

5. Pick the right venue

As well as the capacity of the venue, it’s best to find somewhere not too off the beaten track, ideally with agood reputation of its own. You don’t want people to not turn up just because they can’t find it! By a reasonable profile read one that takes social media seriously with a good website which appears on Google Places (without too many bad reviews – although on East End venue seems to survive despite this). Ideally a well-connected venue will be able to promote your event successfully through their social media accounts and newsletters, though a lot won’t be up for this so find out in advance.

6. Build a unique Facebook landing page
Facebook landing pages essentially allow you to flyer your event within Facebook. So people interested in Easter events see content relevant to your Easter preparations rather than just general material about your brand.

7. Start building a buzz
Promoters can only do so much on your own, they also need to focus on building word-of-mouth to spread news of their upcoming events. Target the events sites with an editorial policy (Timeout, Spoonfed etc.) with a description of what’s going down as well as info and links for the different performers and of course the logo and flyer for the event.

8. Springboard to the next event
Sell tickets in advance using one of the many online platforms, collecting emails for future events. Consider a live Twitterfeed at you event, displaying tweets with your own chosen #hashtag, live at the event. You’ll gain a huge number of followers, especially if they have to follow you to take part. This will provide a consistent link with the initial build-up to the event itself. So, you might even make it to be one of the trending topics on Twitter for your city.
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