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Facebook is now an established channel for most marketing professionals. Many still struggle to optimize their Facebook Landing Pages to bring the greatest rewards. Without regular access to development or design resources, many marketers find it difficult to easily display relevant and interesting content on social networks like Facebook.

Luckily we’ve uncovered several online tools that will help you create professional looking landing pages for Facebook Pages; it’s easy to do, even for people who have never created a landing page before.

Online tools for Professional Facebook Landing Pages

1. Pagemodo
Pagemodo has a range of free and premium packages for every level of company . It allows administrators of Facebook Pages to create landing tabs from a variety of templates. It’s not possible to fully customize branding with their free plan. We recommend this option as a good place to start for businesses using Facebook landing pages for the first time.

2. iwipa
The Iwi Facebook app is available to add for free through the Facebook App Centre. It is a simple way to create a welcome mini-site for Facebook Pages. Admins can upload any variety of pictures, text, links with multiple tabs on a single landing page. This allows admins to create a social hub on Facebook with access to further external websites like Twitter or YouTube. Iwipa also offers a simple tool to integrate Facebook into an existing website.

3. TabSite
TabSite allows Facebook Page admins to easily create a custom Facebook landing pages. It customizes the name of top-level tabs and have sub-pages within a tab to greatly expand the content on the Page. It’s possible to add images, text, links, embed video or sign-up forms, and better still, admins who only want to manage a single tab can access TabSite for free.

4. Wix
The website builder tool Wix offers a Facebook Page Builder. Users can sign-up to the service and access customizable templates with an easy drag-and-drop editor. It helps to make the page unique to your company. Wix users have the choice of either free or premium templates and they have been specifically created for different types of business venues.

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