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Joint our marketing mail lists. This is part three of a three-part series this week where we’ll be discussing how to get your current contacts to connect with you across new channels. You can read part one at Connecting the Channels – Like Us on Facebook and part two at Connecting the Channels – Follow us on Twitter.

Marketing Mail Lists

Building an email contact list is an important way to continue to engage with your customers and event attendees. Although email campaigns rarely have the viral effect of social media . You have the opportunity to command more of the reader’s attention, unlike distraction-filled social networks. Making sure you have a contact list that cares about your events. Brand is the first step in capturing reader attention in email campaigns where to get that engaged list? Your other channels of communication. Here are some tips for getting more customers from your other channels:

  • Include content readers on your other channels will enjoy. For example, include a Facebook photo of the week or top Twitter user. Make sure people on these channels know to look out for their 15 minutes of fame on your email!
  • Offer incentives to your email registers. Create a thank you page for users after they sign up for your mailing list and include a special promo code or drink offer for anyone who signs up.
  • Add signup boxes anywhere and everywhere. Add a tab on Facebook where people can sign up to your mailing list, a box on your myspace profile, a form on your blog and website and links to sign up pages on your Twitter account.
  • Include more than just a list of upcoming events in your emails. Select a member of the week, offer early-bird ticket links and post-event downloads.
  • Ask your readers to forward the email to their friends – and make it easy with a forward to a friend link. Also, be sure to check your email reporting for readers who have opened the campaign an unusually high number of times. This is a great indicator that they have forwarded the campaign on to their friends. Try a campaign just targeting these readers.

This is the last in our three-part series, Connecting the Channels. Get involved in the comments and share your own ideas for cross-channel communication. Making sure you get your most active fans involved in all channels of communication.

Tips for event marketing success:

  • Include email content that your social media contacts will find engaging to get them to sign up for your mailing list
  • Put your email sign up for anywhere and everywhere


Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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