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London, England, (25 May 2018) – Evvnt, the online event marketing tool that promotes events online via a network of over 3,500 event listing sites, today announced its participation in PwC series A program for scale-up businesses. This eight week program has been set up by PwC in collaboration with The Accelerator Network and White Horse Capital.

The eight week program has been part of PwC’s new Raise proposition to help small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) become ‘investor ready’. In attending over 40 hours of workshops and receiving coaching in areas such as financial modelling, strategy, valuation and legal the participants are nurtured towards delivering high-level strategic documentation and key business metrics, leaving them well prepared to effectively raise finance with a proposition refined for venture capital firms.

According to PwC the program is focussed on creating opportunities through connection. “We’re bringing fast-growing and ambitious scale-ups from all over together with the world’s biggest brands, in an environment that allows both sides to learn from each other and build commercial opportunities.’’

As one of the nine B2B scale ups participating in this program Evvnt hopes to connect with industry decision makers, investors and leading experts who can help them grow into their future of event marketing. During an 8 week accelerated learning program and (trying to fit in the day job), Richard Green, CEO and founder of Evvnt was asked to deliver his business proposition,  write a 20 page business plan, a 5 year financial forecast and produce for pitch day a 13 slide deck. With the support of White Horse Capital, The Accelerator Network and the huge team behind PWC, it happened.

Over 80 investors attended the pitch day with interest on the day from established VC’s and family investment houses with $450k coming in the day before from 3 US Newspapers support the outlined $3m raise.

For more information about the PwC program visit their website:

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