How to Use Promotions and Competitions to Promote Yourself Online
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Online Promotions

How To Use Promotions & Competitions To Promote Yourself Online –  Competitions and promotions can be a quick and easy way for your company to help build awareness and attract more customers. Used as part of your long-running marketing strategy you can use online promotions  to drive traffic to your site and gain invaluable insight into the needs and wants of your customers.

There are many different types of competitions or promotions to choose from. The most important thing when deciding what promotion to run, is to offer a prize that appeals to your audience and make sure it’s delivered in a way that they can engage with.

How To Run A Successful Online Promotion or Competition
A successful promotion isn’t just down to setting up a promotion and picking a good prize. Sometimes running a special offer isn’t enough, you’ve got to spend time promoting it and drawing an audience too.

Get Organised
Plan and set objectives for your competition to maximise your results. Think about collecting data from your entrants that could be useful for future marketing campaigns like offering special discounts or rewards for signing up to a mailing list.

Use Social Media Sites
Use marketing techniques that are suitable to each platform:
– Create a unique #hashtag on Twitter to promote your competition
– Build a dedicated Facebook landing Pages for entrants to submit their details
– YouTube is a brilliant promotional tool, consider making a promotional video to support your competition

Use Competition Websites
Promote your competition on dedicated competition and deal sites like The Prize Finder or Money Saving Expert.

Follow Up With Entrants After The Promotion
It’s important to follow up with all entrants after the competition or promotion has ended. Even if they haven’t been fortunate enough to win and they could still become a valuable customer in the future. You can also use this opportunity to get feedback and crowd-source new ideas for your next event.

Different Types of Online Promotions

  • Prize draws
  • Polls
  • Caption competitions
  • Social media contests
  • Refer a friend offer
  • A flash sale

It really doesn’t matter what kind of promotion you run. The most important thing is that it fits in with your company and the audience you’re trying to attract. Think about running different types of offers for different audiences and make sure you measure those results.

Have you had good success running an online competition? Share your experiences in out comment box below.
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