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In recent months, Evvnt has covered the benefits of using YouTube to promote events and revealed which are the best services to broadcast live events online; now we are turning our attentions to why video is such a powerful tool to market events. And why all event organisers should film live events!

Why Should Event Organisers Film Live Events?

1. Reach Huge Audiences
Online video consumption is already popular, but continues to grow at a rapid pace.  Current research conducted by Livestream together with New York Magazine shows that 82% of the 1,000 participants prefer live video from a brand to social posts.

Recent research from Nielsen shows that 26.9m people in the UK viewed streamed video online per month in 2011. The Nielsen study also reveals that YouTube is the most-popular site for watching video content, with 19.5million unique UK viewers last month.

2. Unlimited Exposure
Creating video content at live events and posting the content online allows event organisers to engage with people who are unable to attend their events in-person. There is no limit to the reach of online video for events, and now even local event promoters can reach a global audience.

3. Vox Pops
Filming live events is not just an opportunity to capture the content on an event, but also a chance to get face-to-face with your customers and source advice, feedback or testimonials.

4. Promote Future Events
Live event footage can be very useful in promoting future events and selling more tickets. Clips of live performances and behind the scenes footage can help potential attendees understand what to expect from an event and helps to increase their desire to purchase.

5. Sell Yourself
Video footage captured at events can easily help to promote your events or brand to commercial partners or sponsors. Capturing content of live experiences can make it easier to build relationships quickly.

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