LMA calendar January 2020
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We’re delighted that the US Local Media Association has chosen to embed a one of our fantastic events calendars into their website. You can find it here. But take a quick peak below.

LMA calendar January 2020

There are lots of benefits to adding an events calendar to your website. They can help all the movers and shakers in your industry community find out what’s going on and where to be, for starters. But here are the other benefits:

    • An events calendar is a great way of getting new and useful content on to your website with minimal ongoing maintenance. You can add your own events to make sure that you get the attendance numbers you want. And encourage other event organisers can add their relevant events.
    • It means that your trade association website really becomes a hub. The place people come to for events that are happening in your industry. It reinforces your position as an industry authority
    • Another stream of revenue is always welcome and you can monetize the calendar in several ways. When other industry event organisers use your calendar to promote their event, you get a cut of the fee.
    • It’s really very easy to embed a events calendar in your website with relatively little technical know how. It can be installed in moments.
    • Evvnt is an end-to-end events promotion and ticketing engine. You can use our fantastic suite of tools to take payments, issue tickets and also market your events including email marketing


The great thing is that we can help you customise the event calendar. Regardless of what kind of vertical you’re in. Whether your speciality field is vegan cookery or vintage cars, this can work for you. So take a look at our events calendar options here.

And if you are in the events industry and want to talk about our events calendars and all the other things we can do: Evvnt will be at the Mega Conference in February in Forth Worth Texas.

Drop us an email and we can fit you in: [email protected]

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