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Even if you’ve set up your ticketed event, you can still use Evvnt to promote your Eventbrite (or other) event. Evvnt is very flexible and we love Eventbrite event organisers and promoters. Here’s how we can help you with syndication and email marketing:

(Obviously, we are always happy to provide you with our own ticketing service using Geotix but we like to help everyone.)

Let’s talk Evvnt syndication:

Once you’re all set up on Eventbrite we can help you reach a huge audience. We have a publisher network of nearly 5000 sites where we can show off what you’re doing to an audience keen to find out about their interests.

We call this syndication but you can call it what you like. To use Evvnt to promote your Eventbrite event, just hook it up to our engine and we will pump it out there. Find out more about syndication here.

How to use Evvnt to promote your Eventbrite event with email marketing:

Email marketing relies on having relevant lists and we have hooked up with reliable and credible suppliers so you can build an email and blast it out to people who want to hear about your event.

We’ve got an amazing email network and we can email 10,000 interested people for you in just a few clicks. Find out more here.

Check out one event that came to Evvnt via Eventbrite recently and you’ll get a real flavour of how we can help your event promotion. (And it’s a great example of how the events economy has room for everyone and all sorts of happenings.)

Event Example

(You can find the ball on the Eventbrite here.)

To use Evvnt to promote your Eventbrite event:

It’s an easy process to get your hands on Evvnt’s syndication and email marketing. And the easiest way, is via our Eventbrite app. You can find and install that here, right now for free.Everbrite app

(Obviously the pricing on the above services depends on what you want but we always offer great value. Check out the help pages or get in touch for all the information you need to choose Evvnt.)

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners