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At Evvnt we just love to welcome a new publisher on board. So it’s fantastic to tell you all that Tidbits of the Colorado Plains is part of the Evvnt gang and we’re helping them spread the word about all the events and happenings in the Colorado Plains area.

Whether it’s a murder mystery evening in Stratton or a Valentine’s and wines night in Yuma, it’s all going on in Colorado. And Tidbits is the place to go for the inside scoop. You can download the latest edition here. There are photo exhibitions and cooking lessons too. Check ’em out.

We’re showing off this for 3 reasons:

1) Evvnt has an amazing network of event publishers so that anyone can push their events out online with us and tell the neighbourhood “it’s happening”. This is a great example.

2) We love local. Every bake sale and fundraiser builds community and brings people together. Just in the last day or two we’ve had churches holding craft fairs join Evvnt, an air guitar competition in Boise, Idaho get in touch and we’re also selling tickets for a rave event in Florida.

3) People love print. So it’s a big plus to take those online ads and publish on paper like this. To find out more about reverse publishing, check out this page.

For More Examples of how to use Reverse Publishing to a Ready Made Print Events Calendar –

Evvnt calendar from Tidbits of the Colorado Plains

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners