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There’s only one event this month to be at if you want to talk about local advertizing and improving monetization: Borrell Miami 2020.

The Evvnt proposition is all about local advertizing for local media to build local communities through local events.

And that’s why we’re going to be at Borrell Miami 2020. Actually some of our team are already there. So give us a shout if you want to get in touch and talk about the local advertizing opportunities that an events calendar could add to your publication.

As they say of the gathering: “Our conference is all about local, all about online or “digital” media, and all about advertising. Some call it the “skip the hype/follow the money” conference. The event attracts 300 to 500 marketing executives who come to network and to learn from dozens of top-name speakers.”

We’ve got media organizations all over the United States who are already using our monetizable event calendars on their online properties. Here’s is just one example:

Event Example

And don’t forget that if you also go to print we have a fantastic monetizeable reverse publishing product powered by Metro Creative. Check out one example below:

Events at Borrell Miami 2020

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners