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Event is excited to announce that we are now live across 13 Lakeway Publishers newspapers! Lakeway Publishers is a multi-state publisher of newspapers, magazines and special publications operating in Tennessee, Missouri, Virginia and Florida. Lakeway Publishers began in 1966 with the Citizen Tribune as a single daily and Sunday newspaper serving Morristown, Tennessee. Since then, Lakeway Publishers, Inc. was formed and the company now operates 31 newspapers of general circulation, several speciality and general publications as well as maintaining a full digital presence on web and mobile devices. Their goal is to deliver targeted news, lifestyle and local sports updates, and entertainment which is suited to everyone. Regardless of age, location or occupation.

Through this partnership, we are excited to help Lakeway Publishers go a step further in supporting their diverse audience stay connected. This is done with our revenue generating event calendars designed to generate millions of dollars in advertising revenue for the events industry. Event calendars will automatically create selective lists of publisher events sorted by location and category which means that event attendees will have no problem finding a relevant, local event. So, no matter what their individual interests include, there is something for everybody.

Additionally, Evvnt makes its simple for event organisers to advertise their events to the right audience and sell out. Our range of  affordable local event marketing services that deliver high impact campaigns include syndication across up to 4,500 sites, social media reposting, email marketing, printed events calendars, and ticketing through our own ticketing technology.


Lakeway Publisher’s event calendars

Citizen Tribune
Tullahoma News
Winchester Herald Chronicle
Elk Valley Times
News On The Neck
Central Virginian
Lincoln County Journal
Manchester Times
Pike County News
Hermann Advertiser Courier
Lake Gazette
News Time
Civil War Courier


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