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Everyone loves to get something for free!  So here is a list of great ways to get your audience’s attendance and promote your event – all of them free.  What’s not to love about that?! At Evvnt, You can always submit an event to us – FREE EVENT SUBMISSION – try it today!

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1. Blogging

A great way to market your event is to write an engaging article and link some of the content to your event. If you do not have a website with a blog section where you can publish you articles, there are a wide variety of websites where you can submit content for free. Make sure that you share the article on your social channels as well once it’s live. WordPress – Create Your Own Premium Website. Superior Support. Free Trial. 

2. Chat & Twitter Lists

Online chat groups and twitter lists are highly specific and target people who are more likely to share your events and promotions; thank them and invite them to your events, making sure to encourage the influencers. Twitter is FREE See how to build and measure results on Twitter. 

3. Email

Let your database do the work for you! Send a tailored email to all your contacts stating why, when and where they should attend your event. Add pricing information and a ‘Share’ button to help them forward the email on to people they think would also be interested – your contact list can be strong influencers too. A good idea is to create mailing lists based on interest (technology, sports, music etc.) and then target your email to each of these groups. Tips and tricks to use email to promote an event

4. Guest Blogging

Speak to editors, bloggers and build your network! Don’t be afraid to speak directly to your audience. Check out Bizzabo – 20 Must-read event industry blogs. 

5. Listing Sites

Promoting your event on listing sites is the best way to market your event. Event listing websites have strong communities of audiences already engaged with them, from sites which work better for general audiences such as eventful and Facebook to websites focusing towards a specific industry-targeted audience such as All Conferences, Exhibitions UK or Resident Advisor and also those that cover a local market, e.g. Time Out London or New York Events. Tips and Tricks for using Event Listing sites to promote your event.

6. Newsletters        

Adding a section to your weekly or monthly newsletter featuring your upcoming event is a great and cost-effective way to promote it. Remember to add the link to the event page and use an impressive image that will catch your audience’s eye. Establish the information you want to convey to your audience, spend some time writing the event information into short but engaging copy and make sure the message is conveyed clearly. Mailchimp – Forever FREE pricing – send 12,000 emails a month to a list of up to 2,000 subscribers. 

7. Social Media

Whether you want to promote a conference, exhibition or a nightlife event; social media can be a useful free way to create a buzz and fill your event. The trick is to know which social media tools are the best to use to engage your audience and this depends on the nature of the event. We suggest you market your event through Sprout Social – a social media management tool that offers users the ability to integrate Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and LinkedIn. A great starting point for any campaign is by creating your own event hashtag (such as #evvntmeetup) and use it in all your related outbound communication. Sprout Social – is a social media management tool created to help businesses find new customers & grow their social media presence. Try it for free. 

8. Sponsors

Other businesses are an effective way to promote your event. If you have any business partners or if you have created strong relationships with other companies in your industry this is the right time to get in touch with them. Remind them that this is a win-win situation; in return you can add their logo on your newsletter, flyers and any other promotional materials!

9. Mobile Discovery

Nowadays selling tickets effectively on mobiles and tablets is a must when promoting an event.  You need to be sure the discovery process is slick, your event pages looks great on any device, and the process is incredibly easy.  Eventbrite makes selling your event through mobile easy and effective.  And it’s always free for free events.

10. Word of Mouth

A good old-fashioned method to promote an event is with the help of your community and supporters. Try to get those people to tell their friends, colleagues and relatives for a bigger outcome. World-of-mouth continues to be an effective way to market your event, however in order to increase the outcomes we suggest you to create a strong community and talk, talk and talk about your event before, during and after!

Did this post help and inspire you? Do you want more marketing tips? Let us know your thoughts in the comments down below.

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