Using Twitter for Twitter Events Marketing – Promote Your Events

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Twitter offers an excellent opportunity to promote your event before, during and after it has happened and recent event marketing research has shown that 60% of all Social Media communication takes place events are actually going on.

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5 Tips For Creating Pre event Buzz

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Spreading the word about your event can be a pretty challenging task. While the technology and social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences, finding the right crowd for your event is not a matter of chance.

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How to use a hashtag for your event


The #hashtag is an ambitious typographical sign. Relegated until now to a little-known function on our telephones, it’s time to shine has arrived. When Twitter appeared on scene, hashtags were primarily functional — a way of categorizing tweets by topic so that members of the Twittersphere could follow conversations of interest. But now, they are […]

Hashtag etiquettes for events

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By now everyone has heard about hashtags and event organizers are at times confused about the use and meaning of the it. Is very useful to improve your knowledge of this powerful tool to increase your audience, conversions’ amount and engagement. In this article you can fins some simple advice on how to use (and […]

4 Rules to Creating the Perfect Hashtag

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5 Tech Tips For Promoting an Event in 2014 This is a guest post by Camilla Pecetto, Marketing Manager at evvnt. Working at a rapidly growing innovator in event marketing technology, Camilla has a pretty good understanding of the different services out there…so over to her for 5 tech tips on event promotion. Check all […]

Top 5 tips on promoting events using Internet

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1. Twitter Social media offers a world of opportunity for event marketing, and Twitter is currently at the heart of social success. As Twitter grows exponentially, it can be used to reach a large audience in almost any professional sphere. To reach a relevant audience, find and utilise hashtags related to your event, so that you […]