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Email newsletters are a brilliant way to keep in regular contact with your customers and keep them updated with your latest news. But before you even start to think about setting up an email newsletter, you need to create a list of people to send it to!

Here are a few tips on how to start getting newsletter sign-ups and the word about your company:

1) Give Away Stuff For Free
Run competitions or giveaways (prizes, coupons, discounts etc) at your venue or event and offering special membership rates to encourage people to sign up to your newsletter.

2) Make It Easy
Post sign-up links or boxes on your website, blog, Facebook, Twitter or MySpace so people can find your content easily.

3) Be Polite
Never add people to your email list without asking. It’s rude, it’s spam and if they’re not interested in your product to begin with then they’re not a valuable subscriber.

4) Forward To A Friend
Encourage your existing subscribers to forward your newsletter onto their friends. Let me know its good to share by including a text reminder e.g. “Click here to forward this message to a friend” and insert a ‘Tell-a-Friend’ form on your website or blog.
5) Build A Brand
Promote your newsletter via your personal email signature and all your company employees. Increase traffic directly to your website’s sign-up box by linking to interesting content on social networks

Request a Demo Promote an Event Partners


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