Eventbrite is the world’s largest self-service ticketing platform. Eventbrite ticketing is completely free and easy to use, offering a wide variety of live experiences and making it possible for you to share, find and attend any event that might interest you. Organisers can also use Eventbrite’s services to plan, promote and sell tickets to events of […]

Movie tickets and popcorn

Adding ticketing to your events promotion is an uncomplicated advantage enabling you to manage your ticket sales efficiently as an event manager. An online ticket option is a great benefit to event attendees, allowing them to purchase tickets with a range of options for payment. How to use ticketing… Firstly in order to use ticketing […]

Looking to dabble in the world of events? By making use of the tools available to you today, you’ll be amazed at the professional experience you can offer to your customers without any cost to yourself. Make sure you’re clued up on these basic ingredients for success. Sell tickets online/e-tickets – Online ticketing isn’t just for […]