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The guide to All Conferences events listing site

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evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to All Conferences AllConferences.com is a Global Online Conference Directory showcasing over 100000 conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, expos and seminars. As one of our authorised publishers, our relationship with AllConferences ensures that your event listing will be greatly received by a targeted audience and our partnership allows us to provide […]

The guide to Conference Alerts events listing site

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Conference Alerts is a comprehensive listing of academic and professional conferences around the world. Individuals can subscribe to receive e-mailed alerts of events matching their interest profile and conference  organizers can post information about their event. In addition to these free services, conference organizers can also pay to have their event more prominently listed. Location:  […]

The guide to Craigslist events listing site

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Craigslist is the brainchild of Craig Newmark, and has become one of the most popular sites on the Internet. Started in San Francisco in 1995, it is perhaps the ultimate site for classified listings. It offers job advertisements, personal ads, ads for cars, pets, home supplies and a plethora of other choices. Location: UK, USA Coverage: […]

The guide to Yelp events listing site

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Yelp provides online local search capabilities for its visitors. A typical search includes what the user is seeking (e.g. a barber shop) and the location from which the search is to be performed, entered as a specific address, neighborhood, city/state combination, or zip code. Each business listing result contains a 5-point rating, reviews from other […]

The guide to Lanyrd events listing site

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Welcome to Lanyrd, the social conference directory. Discover and get more from professional events. The site compiles blog posts, photos and other coverage from events and keeps it organised by session and speaker. Users on the site are identified through the Twitter API and events are shown to users based on their contacts on Twitter. They […]

The guide to Attend Conference events listing site

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>Attendconference.com is a unique web service provider for attending conferences, with fastest growing multidisciplinary online dictionary of academic and business conferences in the world. Attendconference.com originated in 2010 and in this very short period became most popular online service in its field of action. Attendconference.com is a project under ENERGIA Consulting, headquartered in Sarajevo, Europe. […]