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Add an event listing to The guide to EventViva events listing site – Submit an event TODAY evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to EventViva The guide to EventViva events listing site is the engine which helps you post and search upcoming events in your city. You can search events by typing in search box or post the […]

Add an event listing to Cardiff – Submit an event TODAY  evvnt is an authorised publisher to It’s on Cardiff. This website has the largest collection of local event listings.  They have that information thanks to their dedicated team of Event Scouts who go out and find all the details needed. Rest assured they will be in touch […]

evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to WOW247 Have you ever missed a show by your favourite band, a special fashion event or a one-off screening of a film you were dying to see on the big screen? Have you found yourself sitting in a bland café when you were searching for something a bit special? Stick […]

evvnt is an “Authorised Publisher” to Conferize As our world continues to get more complex, more connected and ever more globalized we are under pressure to adapt and change, to learn and be inspired, and constantly build our personal network. The conference is the perfect solution: a social space like no other, created for knowledge-based […]

evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to Bvents. Bvents is the largest and most updated business events in the world. It covers events from more than 200 countries, in more than 150 verticals. You’ll find all the needed information – including event details, exhibitors list, agenda, venue details, organizer details. It also allows you to register to […]

evvnt is an Authorised Publisher to All Conferences AllConferences.com is a Global Online Conference Directory showcasing over 100000 conferences, conventions, trade shows, exhibits, expos and seminars. As one of our authorised publishers, our relationship with AllConferences ensures that your event listing will be greatly received by a targeted audience and our partnership allows us to provide […]