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One of the UK’s best Dance music online magazines, Data Transmission and evvnt publish events straight to their website…as long as it’s about Dance music. 300,000 people a month in the UK arrive at Data Transmission, looking for Dance Events to go to. This site is one key to making your UK Dance Music event a success.

Data Transmission is a site by the people for the people, where captivating, well-written content is key. There was a gap in the market for an unpretentious, professionally-run online dance music magazine with a wide scope – and Data Transmission was born to fill it.

“We’re more of an online magazine than a community, meaning that you won’t find endless pages of people bitching about stuff and arguing with each other, nor will you find loads of slating of rubbish music on our site. We’d rather spend time telling you about the good stuff that’s out there – after all, who does a bad review really help?

Our site has one of the busiest and most wide-ranging news sections around, interviews and features with the world’s most exciting producers and DJs and upcoming talent, video features taking you inside some of the best parties across the world and up close and personal with the most interesting figures in the scene, club, gig and festival reviews, entertaining and informative features, album and single reviews, the best dance music videos around, loads of competitions every week, photos and two weekly podcasts featuring the world’s best DJs and our favourite new music.

We aim to strike the balance between being entertaining and informative, covering a wider range of dance music than any other editorial-led website, without prejudice. We work to inform our readers about every aspect of the dance music world – from festivals to technology to club politics and beyond. We are passionate about dance music and want to help push artists and events that we feel strongly about.” Grahame Farmer, Managing Director. Data Transmission

The Journey :

“As part of our commitment to meet every publisher we managed to catch up with the busy man from Data Transmission Grahame Farmer. The mans a walking music mission, I introduced him to Vapiano’s in Oxford Circus and he was taken by the Pasta and Pizza magic that they weave. After a good chat about the industry, the music, the new involvement in Data Transmission parties and in deed Data Transmission plans for world domination we got down to premium events and the complexities within the industry.

It was really interesting to see such organisations working hard to create premium services, generate incomes and establish clear revenue lines that enable brand like Data Transmission to exist. Display ads, newsletter inclusions and bundles services along side the usual passive revenues are certainly keeping the wolves from the door.

We concluded that much work was needed to create the ‘true premium’ event and one things for sure we are keen to work with Grahame to not only publish relevant content to Data Transmission but to support his need to create premium event solutions that deliver value to the event promoter.

I would personally like take a moment to thank Grahame for his time and approving as an “Authorised Publisher” to the Data Transmission. We look forward to working with you more closely through in to 2013.”

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Working with Data Transmission means we also support the growth of the site, encourage activity and spread the event love…

 @d8atransmission Data Transmission’s events are AMAZING – #WeAreEVVNT — evvnt (@evvnt) May 24, 2012

Location: UK
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300,000 per month
Local Users: 
3,000 per month
Mobile Users:
30,000 mobile unique visitors / 42,000 mobile page views/month
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Time on site: 
4 minutes per visit
Live Music, Clubbing
Music Genre: 
Techno, house, drum & bass, dubstep, electronica, electro, ambient, disco

Email: [email protected]

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