How to attract sponsors to your event


Let me spare you making the same mistake I did when I was new to the event industry. I was full of ideas, I was full of enthusiasm, I was full of confidence – in short, I was full of it! My first attempt to attract sponsorship to an event was a constant battle and I couldn’t understand why. The event was a great event, visitors had a great experience and I was (in my own, not-so-humble opinion) a great salesman.

Case Study – Digital Marketing Show

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Freshly Made Content is one of the UK’s leading business to online publishers and event organisers. Their online portfolio spans investment and business news, intentional trade and digital marketing. They were looking for a simple solution to submit events with a time saving tool, a new audience reach and event marketing momentum that ‘pings’ activity into […]

Top 10 ways to market your event for free

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By Camilla Pecetto, Global Marketing Director. Everyone loves to get something for free!  So here is a list of great ways to get your audience’s attendance and promote your event – all of them free.  What’s not to love about that?! We have just launched our FREEMIUM product – try it today! 1. BLOGGING – A great way […]

evvnt and Eventsneaker – a TableCrowd meeting

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“The thing I love in life is creating technology products that actually work” says Richard Green, CEO of evvnt and recent after dinner speaker at Tablecrowd. Tablecrowd is partly responsible for the recent developments at evvnt – namely the team up of two event tech companies: evvnt and Eventsneaker at one of our dinners back in March. Check the full article […]

Changes to the evvnt app September & October

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Over September and October we’ve made some significant changes to the evvnt product that we’d love to share with you. Although a great deal of this has been implemented at the staff side ‘back-end’, including superior account management features that allow us to handle customer packages, payments and billing from one centralised place, we’re also proud to share with […]

The future of Digital Marketing

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By Sebastian Dreyfus We’re in the midst of a fundamental shift in the way consumers interact with the outside world – we are all connected to each other not only by traditional forms of media but also devices, campaigns, social networks, aggregators, search engines, games, governments and business networks. We are no longer passive viewers […]

Case Study – BizBash Live New York


BizBash is an innovator and resource hub for the event and meeting industry with its website, magazines, and trade shows. Event organizers responsible for events such as White House state dinners and the Oscars, as well as conferences, trade shows, fund-raisers, and more use BizBash products regularly for ideas and best practices that can be […]