Customer Bank (CRM)

The Challenge: Expanding the MyNorth brand, digital readership, potential subscribers, & increase the overall appeal to local event creators. The Solution: Use their ticketing brand powered by Evvnt to gather and use ticket buyer email addresses for digital outreach. To date they’ve gathered over 100,000 local email addresses. Traverse City is a small town in […]

Online Event Marketing Channels by Popularity We recently ran a survey on the evvnt website asking event promoters which online promotion channels they use to market their events. Here are the results which show a number of interesting trends: YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE HERE – The Questionnaire Clearly, social media is making a big difference for […]

With a Customer Bank Service (CRM) you can track and monitor your customer interactions and pull in detailed information about their behaviour while it also enables you to manage everything from one place. Using a customer bank is simple, it’s just one feature to add to your event promotional process and it automatically enhances the customer […]

A Customer Bank (CRM system) allows you to track your customer interactions in one place and gives you insights into your demographic audience. CRM (customer relationship management) is the key to helping you to manage a complex world of data and information. CRM can capture detailed information about your customers and their behaviors and enable targeted marketing, […]