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Online Event Marketing Channels by Popularity

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Online Event Marketing Channels by Popularity We recently ran a survey on the evvnt website asking event promoters which online promotion channels they use to market their events. Here are the results which show a number of interesting trends: YOU CAN CONTRIBUTE HERE – The Questionnaire Clearly, social media is making a big difference for […]

The best sites to use for PR as a start up business

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So… you’ve taken the plunge and started your own business, welcome to the wonderful world of start ups! Now you want to ensure it’s success, but you don’t know where to begin? Well, every business, especially a new kid on the block, will rely heavily on Public Relations from the get go. Why? Good question! […]

PR for new businesses – rules of thumb

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Public Relations can be a tricky business to master if it is not your area of expertise. A business first starting out may not have the funds to hire an in-house PR manager or the help of a PR agency to lead them on the path to press success during the humble beginnings. However, PR […]

Top 5 PR tips for event organisers

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There is panoply of knowledge out there about generating buzz in the build up to your event; after all that’s when you need to be generating it! However, there isn’t an equivalent amount on how event organisers can utilise PR (whether that be online or traditional) DURING your events. There are so many stories coming […]