Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

If there’s one thing you can’t waste when planning an event, it’s time. While you might be able to stretch the budget or splurge on some items, if you fail to allocate your time to the crucial parts of the event, you’ll be left with dozens of potential event disasters to pile up on event […]

Event listings Firstly we want to thank Kathy Cohen, Content & Communities Manager at Zoliro who produced this excellent blog post on ‘Why you should use event listings sites’ as part of your event marketing strategy. Click here for the full article. 1. The benefits of listing your events: It’s Free and or AMAZINGLY COST […]

The basic approach to great blogs is to keep it simple.. Underneath the message for ‘keep it simple’ is a much bigger story which I think it’s worth talking about. Matthew for his simple talk is indeed a driven and well read individual, risk free in his approach and challenged by what he calls the […]

by James Wood Surely there is a better way to sure your market materials at events and exhibitions? Despite the huge growth of online channels available to marketers today, it’s still the traditional face-to-face engagements prove the most popular. With 1 in 3 business buyers attending live events, exhibitions and tradeshows are now the single most influential source […]

3 tall buildings next to each other

Is any metric better than no metric?  Well, not really. Here are three OKMs we use to evaluate the success of any event from an event professional’s perspective.

Why? Simply – Increased visibility and potential to make sales. How you do know if it works?  Well, it comes with a free analytics tool right out of the box so you can start measuring the results from day 1. What should I pin?  Most people start with a personal profile rather than for their business or […]