Definitive Guide To Event Marketing

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3 Simple Metrics To Measure Event Marketing Success

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Is any metric better than no metric?  Well, not really. Here are three OKMs we use to evaluate the success of any event from an event professional’s perspective.

How To Start Marketing With Pinterest

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Why? Simply – Increased visibility and potential to make sales. How you do know if it works?  Well, it comes with a free analytics tool right out of the box so you can start measuring the results from day 1. What should I pin?  Most people start with a personal profile rather than for their business or […]

P P P Pick Up, On Penguin

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If you are marketing your event online, SEO is a big deal. Google, and the other major search engines, constantly refine their algorithm for scoring, and returning links to, content on the web. Your job is to make sure YOUR content scores well. They do this using an algorithm named Penguin.

4 common mistakes in event planning

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By Mihaela Tudorică Event planning tips Knowing how to plan a corporate event can be a tricky endeavour. It takes time, imagination and excellent planning skills to cover all the details and stick to the budget at the same time. Here is how to avoid some mistakes that can compromise the goal of your event. […]

102 Great event marketing tools

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The world of event marketing has never been so rich in opportunities to reach and engage your audiences, many of them free! There’s huge social networks where you can connect with potential attendees, email is ubiquitous, mobile means personalised messages can be achieved, content marketing offers a way to more meaningfully engage your target market… […]

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5 Tips For Creating Pre event Buzz

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Spreading the word about your event can be a pretty challenging task. While the technology and social media allow you to reach out to wide audiences, finding the right crowd for your event is not a matter of chance.