Facebook Page Management – 5 Tips!

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We’ve gathered together 5 overlooked, undiscovered or neglected Facebook marketing techniques that can dramatically improve promotion on Facebook.

5 Simple Social Media Tips

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Make your network work for you with 5 simple social media tips… It’s interesting that in such a ubiquitously digital world, many people are still sceptical or scared of using social media. To remove some of the fear, and make social marketing a little easier to comprehend, here are 5 simple social marketing tips that anyone […]

How to market your event with Facebook

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Harnessing the power of social media is one of the most effective ways to generate buzz for your event, it’s free and it can give you that extra bit of exposure you may be looking for. Facebook is of course a massive part of today’s social media industry and along with Twitter it is probably […]

7 Elements of Successful Online Event Promotion

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Event promotion is hard work. It takes a lot of energy to get the word out and drum up registrations. Luckily, there are many ways to utilize online tools to help boost interest in your events. Here are the 7 most important elements in your online event promotion strategy. Check the full article on  eventstagr.am ! 1. […]

5 basics for any modern day event

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Looking to dabble in the world of events? By making use of the tools available to you today, you’ll be amazed at the professional experience you can offer to your customers without any cost to yourself. Make sure you’re clued up on these basic ingredients for success. Sell tickets online/e-tickets – Online ticketing isn’t just for […]

How to market your nightlife event

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If you want to move the needle then first you need to move your consumer – Moving your audience means knowing how to leverage every nuance of the social media world to make your message connect to more patrons, resonate deeper and stay at the forefront of your consumer’s minds. You want people talking of course, but […]