A seasoned team of professionals who love the events and technology industry.


Richard Green is founder and CEO at Evvnt, a global events marketing business. Established in 2012, the company supplies ticketing and marketing services and powers the largest events ad network in the USA. The company operates in139 countries worldwide. 


We at Evvnt believe that our culture and values are the foundation of our company/ they provide the building blocks for its growth. They are not just a sign on the wall. We live by, recognize and recruit new talent based on our cultural values. We believe that sets us apart from everybody else and that it is reflected in the way we work together and with all our constituents – employees, partners, and customers. If these values resonate with you, then  come join us and build something special.


  • Transparency

  • Respect

  • Ownership

  • Quality at Pace


    • Integrity

    • Continuous Improvement

    • Customer Focused

    • Fun



    We as a company share information early and often both inside departments, across the company and with customers. This includes both quantitative and qualitative information. Examples include weekly work in progress walk throughs in R&D and weekly company metrics and new advisory forums we’re creating


    We believe everyone deserves to be treated with respect. Period. We value different viewpoints and opinions.


    We are all owners in the company, this drives the way we approach everything.

    Quality at Pace

    We believe in quality and delivering it consistently and continuously at pace. This is very different from most software companies that put Pace first and Quality second.  Quality  is  often sacrificed.


    What you do when no one is looking matters.

    Continuous Improvement

    We focus on what and why and make changes so we are growing and not repeating the same mistakes.

    Customer Focused

    We believe that deeply understanding customers’s needs and delivering solutions to solve them is the secret to compounding success.


    At the end of the day we are all humans doing a job, so relax and enjoy it! The results will be reflected in our lives and the lives we touch through our products and services.


    Richard Green


    Passionate about technology to serve and manage local events content to consumers and how they impact the community for good. 

    (424) 353-1393

    James Green


    A exceptional business leader who has vast experience across digital and broader news media landscape.

    PARTNERS Services


    Partner Success Manager

    Business Development and Client Success Manager with consistent experience in key account management, digital marketing, and integrated sales. Over twenty years of outstanding performance in marketing and selling online and print advertising products.

    Sara McNamara

    Director of Partner Management

    While bringing event creators and local media companies together in the greatest partnership of all time, Sara will give you all the tools with service you need to be successful in ticketing, marketing, discovery and beyond.  

    Matt Wright

    SVP – BI / Operations / Finance

    Matt Wright is the SVP of Business Intelligence, Operations, and Finance at Evvnt. With a strong background in data analysis and financial management, Matt plays a crucial role in driving strategic decision-making and optimizing operational efficiency at Evvnt. His expertise in business intelligence and finance ensures that Evvnt continues to thrive as a leading event ticketing promotion platform. Matt is committed to delivering exceptional results and leveraging data-driven insights to enhance the overall success of Evvnt.

    Rositsa Dukova

    Sales Development Representative

    An Assistant Sales Manager who got promoted from being an experienced Product Specialist. Skilled in Direct sales and Telesales, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and Digital Marketing. Identifying and building relationships with customers.

    Connor Davies

    Director Technical Sales

    With years of experience working with events all over the world, from Conferences & Exhibitions through to Marathons, Festivals and everything in between, Connor is passionate about helping events of all sizes reach new attendees.

    +1 (929) 470-4670


    Technical Sales

    Passionate about events, endurance sports, registration technology and helping events of all sizes to grow. Responsible for building partnerships with event organisers, media sites, publishers, registration platforms and their target audiences..

    +44 204 579 9046


    Bryan Boettcher

    Client Services Manager

    Focused on helping all users get the most out of our software services, Bryan, an experienced educator, ensures his colleagues and clients are informed and supported.

    Faberge Lucus-Box

    Client Services EMEA

    Princess Goddess