A seasoned team of professionals who love the events and technology industry.


Richard Green is founder and CEO at Evvnt, a global events marketing business. Established in 2012, the company supplies ticketing and marketing services via a network of 5000+ event listing sites. The company offers its services in the USA and a further 139 countries worldwide. 


Richard Green


Passionate about technology to serve and manage local events content to consumers and how they impact the community for good. 

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Peter Newton


A exceptional business leader who has vast experience across digital and broader news media landscape. Operational expertise through to mergers and acquisitions.

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Russell Edens

Chief Technical Officer


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Todd Sketch

Chief Operating Officer

Diligent manager of individuals and teams to achieve business success, understanding the importance of communication and focus. 

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Kelsey Kearns

Director Partner Services

This Texas native has a varied background in journalism, television hosting, and working with media partners to supply meaningful, revenue generating technology. Kelsey utilizes her Evvnt knowledge to fulfill marketing, ticketing and discovery needs.

(281) 460-4171

Maria Gangat

Director Business Development

Maria’s passion for local media and digital advertising has led her to a meaningful career in the space. Her focus is to always provide the best solutions for partners that are seeking innovation and new revenue.

(561) 699-8522

Shannon Hanes

Vice President Network Partner Sales

Combining her love of media, marketing, live events and ticketing, Shannon has a strategic focus on bringing new revenue to your company. Her extensive sales background makes her a great partner to help drive revenue through the Evvnt platform.

+1 (805) 276-4932

Sara McNamara

Partner Services Manager

While bringing event creators and local media companies together in the greatest partnership of all time, Sara will give you all the tools with service you need to be successful in ticketing, marketing, discovery and beyond.

Matt Wright

SVP – Business Intelligence

Bio to follow.

(281) 460-4171

Robert DiClemente

Project & Product Manager

Bio to follow.


Connor Davies

Director Technical Sales

With years of experience working with events all over the world, from Conferences & Exhibitions through to Marathons, Festivals and everything in between, Connor is passionate about helping events of all sizes reach new attendees.

+1 (929) 470-4670

Sanjay Patel

Director Technical Sales

With years of experience of working in and around promoting events, from Conferences & Exhibitions to more localized events. Sanjay is passionate about great customer care and helping events of all sizes reach new attendees.

+1 (929) 335-7984


Bryan Boettcher

Client Services Manager

Focused on helping all users get the most out of our software services, Bryan, an experienced educator, ensures his colleagues and clients are informed and supported.

Faberge Lucus-Box

Client Services EMEA

Princess Goddess