The Hyper Local Data Collector tool enables publishers to gather hyper local events from various online sources such as local authority, chambers of commerce and local venues.


Automatically add hyper local events information to your events discovery calendar on a monthly basis.


  • Choose online websites & venues get data.
  • Automatically add events to your discovery calendar.
  • Data extraction per event creator source or venue.
  • Runs monthly to ensure latest events are added.
  • We usually add 300 to 500 event sources and thousands events.

How it works

  • It’s so easy! Sign up as a premium partner.
  • Simply add ‘Local Data Collector to your account.
  • We start adding local data within 7 days.

Events calendar, content widget, self service to checkout

I N D U S T R Y   S P E C I F I C

Events Calendars


Plug and play revenue generating category specific events calendars loaded with open houses and prime for attracting new advertising revenues. 


  • Quick set-up events calendar
  • Details page per open house
  • Property search
  • Agent branding
  • Dynamic maps content
  • Self service premium marketing
  • Book agent
  • Fully hosted
  • Clear reporting

How it works

  • Create calendars set to an events category – eg Open Houses
  • Set pricing
  • Attract new advertisers



Blank Slate Media (PDF)

Create an integrated events platform that makes you THE place for event discovery in your market helping you reach a new and engaged audience







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Events Calendar

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Sales CRM

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Fully automated reverse published events calendars in print connected to your online checkout and ticketing. More…


The third most important news item requested by local consumers is local events and serving this information online and via email is important. (Gannett)

Everything you need to know to Add an Event Calendar to your site

Check out our event calendar support portal where you will find everything you need to set up an account, create a calendar and publish to live.

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  • Transactional self service >>
  • Data sources >>
  • Search, what, when >>
  • Event calendar examples >>
  • Content widget examples >>
  • FAQ’s – Event calendars & widgets >>
  • FAQs – Townnews integration >>


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Our Awesome Customers


“I was introduced to Evvnt via an industry angel event and as soon as his presentation was over I gave Richard my card and said we wanted to invest.  Our concerts division will do over 150 concerts in the next twelve months and Evvnt solves a huge problem in how to create awareness of events from search engines.”

David Dunn-Rankin

President, Sun Coast Media

“Sophistication made easy! My partnership with Evvnt has opened my eyes to the world of event marketing. Saving time by having my events populated on qualified, relevant, event listing sites in a matter of minutes along with search results is… game changing”. 

Using Evvnt’s reporting analytics to provide greater transparency, around our campaigns only adds to the value proposition of Hearst Media. I’m a firm believer that Evvnt is changing the event marketing space and I look forward to seeing what else this dynamic team brings to the table.”

Franc Coleman

Product Manager, Hearst

“We are pleased to partner with Evvnt in this potentially game-changing venture, this platform expands our ability to connect customers with a broad audience while still offering tailored solutions to all community groups. We become a one-stop shop for any organization looking to publicize its event”

Jim Lawitz

Director of Content & Communication, TBC Media


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