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As someone who had her own in-house events calendar for years, I love the hands-free aspect of Evvnt. Managing the technical aspect of hosting a calendar meant I had less time to write stories or engage with my audience. I even considered removing the events calendar from my site until Evvnt came along. Now I can still provide an outlet for local theaters, restaurants, and hosts to promote their events, and give people looking for things to do an easy-to-use way to find them.

“While Jack O’Lantern Spectacular is a large, regional event, we have a very small staff at the Louisville Parks Foundation. When we were forced to pivot to a drive-thru in 2020, there were hundreds of logistical considerations and difficult decisions. One easy decision was to work with Evvnt for our ticketing and marketing needs.

The Evvnt team helped us every step of the way, from setting up the event(s), to determining our hardware needs, to brainstorming best practices for guest interactions.  The team was available, engaged, and truly cared about our success.

We simply could not have asked for a better partner."

Brooke PardueBrooke ParduePresident/CEO, Louisville Parks Foundation

“Red Pin Media's publications have been media sponsors of Jack O'Lantern Spectacular since the event launched in Louisville eight years ago. This year was the first that we were able to work together as their ticketing partner, and the collaboration was very rewarding. Jack O'Lantern Spectacular is a natural fit for our "Top Things to Do" and "Staff Picks" articles, so we gave it some prominent editorial attention. 

In doing so, not only were we able to promote an event that benefits one of our city's important nonprofits  — The Louisville Parks Foundation — while helping our audiences find something safe and fun to do during the pandemic, but we also brought in revenue that has been a lifeline for us as we, like many small businesses, weather this pandemic. 

This partnership is a good example of how our ticketing franchise with Evvnt fits into our overall revenue strategy while also supporting our publications' editorial missions.”

Laura SnyderLaura SnyderCOO, Red Pin Media

"Evvnt Print Event Calendars - Outstanding product to build your calendar of events revenue!”

"Now other people do the work and submit their own events, and we just reverse publish them to print and make revenue from it."

Steven BlankSteven BlankPresident and Publisher at Blank Slate Media

“As with most newspapers across the country, we have been searching for new avenues to generate revenue. With advertisers spending less, Evvnt Ticketing offers the perfect solution to generate revenue by utilizing our biggest asset and offering it to new revenue-generating clients at no cost: our audience. Our audience looks to us for our coverage on events: we write about them, promote them and sell ads to promote them; why not sell tickets for them?

Shannon MarkleyShannon MarkleyMyAlaskaTix, Anchorage Daily News

“Evvnt was competing with 3 other ticketing companies to provide City Pages with a solution for a full-service white label ticketing platform. Evvnt won our business for three main reasons:

  1. Optimal Communication: Constant updates, trainings, and advice is being dispensed our way to make our platform stronger every day.
  2. Sales and Marketing Leadership: The Evvnt Ticketing team knows what they are doing when it comes to marketing, prospecting, meeting, and closing out sales opportunities.
  3. Brand Representation: Evvnt Ticketing quickly learned who we were and represented our City Pages brand in a very respectable and honest way in our market which has helped enhance our brand.

For a partner with optimal communication, sales leadership, and trustworthy brand representation, I recommend choosing Evvnt.”

Mary Erikson

“Quickly after introducing Evvnt Ticketing in our pilot market, it was clear that it was the right platform for larger-scale adoption. Since then, we have rolled the platform out in a number of our media markets throughout the northwest to positive results. The platform has enabled our teams to partner with a variety of community organizations and promoters to provide very effective ticketing services, competitive service fee pricing along with the confidence of local support.”

Eric JohnstonEric JohnstonPresident, Western Division - MyIdahoTix, RuckusTix, Adams Publishing Group

“The results were fantastic! My North (Evvnt Ticketing) not only provided us with the mechanism to sell tickets but worked in several ways to help promote and drive ticket sales. As a result, our airshow sold more online tickets than it had previously ever sold before.

Matt BarresiMatt BarresiWings Over Northern Michigan Airshow

“Whenever we needed help, their customer care was first-in-class; responsive, caring, and proactive! Their software seamlessly integrated with our communication tools and their check-in tools made for speedy day-of processing. Thanks again for everything!

Romy EberleRomy EberleMarketing and Communications Specialist

"We love using Red Pin Tix (Evvnt Ticketing) for our Craft Beer Throwdown because it makes check-in so streamlined, and it’s also a great deal to get free promotion on the website and email blasts. We’re grateful to partner with LEO Weekly to spread the word about our events and further our mission!"

Melissa KratzerMelissa KratzerCoalition for the Homeless
You have a good product. Even with my limited creative skills, we have been able to make eye-catching entries to our online editions using Evvnt. The program is so easy to use, I don't feel intimidated teaching my co-workers (partners) and customers to use it. I like that you continually make changes to improve it.
Becky HolzmeisterBecky HolzmeisterSalina Journal

Amazed by the service and how the website is extremely user friendly which makes submitting and advertisement super easy and hassle free. 100% recommend this site for events listings. Also very impressed with the advertising tiers they have on the paid side but whether its a paid account or free account you hold it's still a fab platform. 10's across the board!!!

“Working with Evvnt has been a great experience. They’ve got an exciting product that fills a needed niche in our space. As a company, they’re also easy to work and partner with.!”

“I was introduced to Evvnt via an industry angel event and as soon as his presentation was over I gave Richard my card and said we wanted to invest.  Our concerts division will do over 150 concerts in the next twelve months and Evvnt solves a huge problem in how to create awareness of events from search engines.”

“We are pleased to partner with Evvnt in this potentially game-changing venture, this platform expands our ability to connect customers with a broad audience while still offering tailored solutions to all community groups. We become a one-stop shop for any organization looking to publicize its event”

"Eventrii are delighted to announce a new partnership with Evvnt, which presents a new marketing space, that is shaping the way we deliver events. Reporting on marketing performance in relation to your strategy is key to success and brings clear transparency to results, which will give our customers the ability to identify what really works and then focus their efforts. This is a fantastic opportunity for us and our customers, to reach a market with minimum effort but more precision. We look forward to providing this new global marketing dimension to our customers."

"The digital revolution will take no prisoners and a fragmented and disconnected events industry will not be spared, and so we are delighted to align our complimentary event technology."

Charlie WrightCharlie WrightLinkedIn Profile

"Sophistication made easy! My partnership with Evvnt has opened my eyes to the world of event marketing. Saving time by having my events populated on qualified, relevant, event listing sites in a matter of minutes along with search results is… game changing”. Using Evvnt’s reporting analytics to provide greater transparency, around our campaigns only adds to the value proposition of Hearst Media. I’m a firm believer that Evvnt is changing the event marketing space and I look forward to seeing what else this dynamic team brings to the table."

"Evvnt is a very cost effective tool to have your events and conferences listed quickly and effectively. It is helping us reach our potential attendees and also" increasing search coverage, exposure and awareness about the Society of Petroleum Engineers. Evvnt is user friendly. Highly recommended!

Miyadeh Al RamathanyMiyadeh Al RamathanyClient Website

"Evvnt is an invaluable service ensuring our events get maximum exposure on the listings & directory sites that matter. The reporting interface is a great tool allowing us to get up-to-date stats & feedback for our events."

Gareth RoelofseGareth RoelofseLinkedIn Profile

"We've been using Evvnt for about 8 months and have noticed a nice boost in traffic to our website thanks to their site's marketing efforts. I used to spend hours posting my company's events to each site individually, and it took efforts away from other projects. Evvnt has really helped free up my time while also acting as a huge promotional asset to us. Their services come highly recommended from our Philadelphia-based event planning company!"

Kat WayneKat Wayne

"As Race Director at Hermes Running, I was looking at ways to better promote my races as I host 5 half/marathon / ultra events per annum in the Surrey and Kent regions. I was interested to hear more about how "Evvnt" could really help increase the marketing exposure for my races and their overall annual fees were definitely reasonable so I made the decision to go ahead. I have to say that from the outset the support that I received from Connor Davies has been thoroughly professional and as I had been really busy staging another event when the initial contact was made, Connor even helped me set up the race listings to be then pre-populated on 50+ different sites and this was done really efficiently and we were up and running literally in a few days.

The charts and tracking that Evvnt also provides, allow the Race Director to track the flow of traffic from these online event entry portals and to see how business volumes for entries are increasing, this is needless to say a very necessary tool. I am therefore really satisfied with the service provided and will continue to use them in the future to promote my races."

David RossDavid RossClient Website

"Evvnt has been exceptional in boosting our listing presence for our London events. It's been extremely powerful and the service has been amazing."

"I’ve worked with Evvnt for a number of years and have found it a highly effective service. When you are essentially building a conference brand from scratch, the Evvnt platform gives you the SEO boost needed to allow your customers to find you online. Without it, you can find yourself shouting in the dark."

Hugh TorpeyHugh TorpeyClient Website

"Using Evvnt for our annual conference has allowed us to promote the conference on so many more event web sites than ever before, and get the information out quickly and efficiently. We also believe it has helped boost our ranking in natural search results for conferences like ours on Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc., increasing our visibility a great deal.

We only need two conference registrations to secure ROI, so it’s well worth the investment!"

Heather GetzHeather GetzClient Website

"It’s amazing what Evvnt could do to promote your congress. Easy to use, great results and trackable!"

Pattama ThuanchaisriPattama ThuanchaisriClient Website

"Evvnt was easy to use and helped ensure our conference, Mineral Exploration Roundup, was a success! With superior customer service, trackable metrics, and an easy-to-use upload system, Evvnt helped us raise our online profile for a very small investment, and secure more than 5,500 delegates.

Simone HillSimone HillClient Website

"I have been sending listings for over 20 years from the days of fax machines, snail mail and then the introduction of email. It would take an entire morning to broadcast the contents of an event and that was when sending to just a dozen or so key publications. With the advance of the internet and social media there are these days simply too many platforms to reach individually, each having their own format and listing requirements. Evvnt offers an easy and intelligent solution. They have negotiated a unified format that is easy to populate with content. Once ready to broadcast to the world with one click you are done. The clone tool is useful if you have a high frequency event. We have been operating weekly for over 27 years and could not do without this time saving tool."

Neil SansomNeil SansomClient Website

"We use Eventbrite for all our events so Evvnt’s one-click integration is a great feature for us. Posting to 40+ sites with one click makes my life so much easier. We’re using it in combination with Eventbrite’s tracking links, and I can easily see we’ve already gotten 5 RSVPs directly from you guys in just one day."

Dana CórdovaDana CórdovaLinkedIn Profile

"So far we have used Evvnt to promote a couple of our international conferences. Now, every product usually comes with an after sales service. This can be “invisible”, average or very good. In the case of Evvnt it’s just excellent. Their customer service is always there to offer their support. Bravo!"

John AntoniouJohn Antoniou

"Thank you to Evvnt we were able to maximise the exposure of two of our most recent congresses. Making sure that potential attendees find your content on the web is one of the main focus for us organisers. Evvnt has helped us market our content in relevant sites and it is a valuable addition to our marketing plan.  The process is very quick and the results are measurable.

The team is friendly and always willing to help. We will no doubt use them again for future congresses."

Gema RodriguezGema RodriguezLinkedIn Profile

"Running over 150 conferences and workshops a year across different sectors, we couldn’t be happier with the help with are getting from EvvntThey are an invaluable marketing resource that has enabled us to publish information about our events online, to a vast array of industry-specific websites; saving us a lot of time in the process. Google Analytics does not lie – we are getting great web traffic from evvnt listings and in turn a strong return on investment.

We would highly recommend Evvnt to anyone who is thinking of using it. Speaking of people, the Evvnt team are also very helpful and fun to work with!”

Yulia RotarYulia RotarLinkedIn Profile

"This is 1 of the best system to post to numerous websites hands down. Very user friendly. Customer service unbeatable.”

Carolyn JohnsonCarolyn JohnsonClient Website

"We recently used Evvnt to promote our open day. They took our event and posted it on websites targeted to the type of customers we wanted to come to our farm. We loved it because it saved us ours in admin time. Also, it helped grow our Twitter and Facebook followers. Overall extremely happy with the service. Will be using them again in the future.”

Mark SimpsonMark SimpsonLinkedIn Profile

"Evvnt is the smart way to reach your target audience in a quick, fast and in a hurry way!
Hit harder than your competitors… it the Evvnt way!”

Kev RobertsKev Roberts

"I’ve worked for The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society for nearly ten years and used to submit our events one by one over the course of weeks to many different online outlets. I’m so excited by the efficiency that Evvnt is able to offer us. If it proves effective, we’ll definitely expand in a big way! I’m currently testing four events. While our initial investment has been small, LLS raises $185 million dollars annually through five signature campaigns while supporting thousands of cancer patients & families across the U.S. and Canada. I only represent one campaign in one region. However, I will expand our use of Evvnt in my region/campaign and I will recommend Evvnt to my colleagues in other regions and campaigns depending on its impact. I will definitely give a recommendation because of Connor’s professionalism and customer service.”

Ashley MerrittAshley MerrittLinkedIn Profile

"Evvnt reporting is breath taking, I have been using Eventbrite but they don’t offer marketing beyond Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest. Evvnt reach is way further and helping me sell more tickets. ”

Shai HankinsShai HankinsLinkedIn Profile

"By using Evvnt we managed to achieve much greater reach for our event digitally. Working on a tight time frame they exceeded our expectations”

"Evvnt are simply amazing, the best promotional tool I have ever come across”

"Evvnt did a fantastic job of helping to promote our Latin Vibe event, I would definitely use them again. Thanks Evvnt

Rosita De SouzaRosita De SouzaiSalsa Case Study

"Challenger Sports is always looking for ways to reach our target market with time sensitive messages for our various seasonal programs. Evvnt has helped us target specific geographical areas with well placed listings and as a result we have generated more interest from customers who would previously not have heard from us. This work has also seen us improve our Google ranking which in turn has helped us solicit new customers”

"Great service, saves time and money. Well recommended. 5 Star!”

Stephano IseStephano Ise

“ESCO Europe 2015 is an Energy Service and Energy Management networking conference that is being hosted in different locations in Europe on an annual base. Using Evvnt gives us the opportunity to reach out to ESCO professionals in different geographic areas, outside of our own direct scope

Rogier KuttschreuterRogier KuttschreuterLinkedIn Profile

"By using Evvnt we managed to achieve much greater reach for our event digitally. Working on a tight time frame they exceeded our expectations”

Dave WilleyDave Willey

After several years managing all kinds of events and using several different event listing programs, Evvnt is by far the best! I made the switch because of the ease of use, manageability, great reporting features and above all else the ability to run single event campaigns instead of having a monthly subscription, which only saves me money. I couldn’t recommend Evvnt enough and I only wish I found it sooner. This really is a must have for any event manager/promoter.”

"Evvnt has proven to be a great tool to cascade event information across many referral and event sites. We launched our UKCN app using Evvnt to promote the 50-plus launch parties. On these nights, we saw a strong performance alongside a great level of digital coverage. It’s an excellent product that saves precious time for our venue managers.”

"Since engaging Evvnt to handle our full event marketing programme for our 4 Jongleurs Comedy Clubs , we have seen a huge increase not only in ticket sales, but a dramatic improvement in search engine rankings and general web presence”

In addition to using Evvnt for our Comedy Nights we use them to promote all events in our Bar and Nightclub operations and have seen a similar rise in bookings and web presence. Having used a similar company in the past, Evvnt has provided a far superior service in terms of support, training and advice.

I can wholeheartedly recommend them to other operators in the entertainment and late night licensed sector. We are nearly 60% sold on our Christmas comedy and it’s only the 31st October”

"From the start Evvnt were there to assist us at every turn. Uploading our events was extremely fast and simple, the customer service was helpful and advised us throughout the process. Shaka Zulu are very much looking forward to continuing our work with Evvnt – there wouldn’t be any reason not to.”

Samantha PettiferSamantha PettiferLinkedIn Profile

"Evvnt is the most cost effective solution to have your events listed quickly and effortlessly. It frees up your bandwidth, so that members of your team may focus on other marketing aspects. Evvnt has become a critical element in our event marketing mix and we will continue to use it for every event we hold.”

Aimee RiccaAimee RiccaLinkedIn Profile

"The services Evvnt provides have enabled us to spread the word about lots of exciting events at Lucky Voice’s private karaoke venues and saved us a huge amount of time and effort.”

Simon DixSimon Dix

"Evvnt was our number one choice for creating buzz around our conferences, the service saved on time, human resource and also gave us the results we needed quickly.”

James WightJames WightLinkedIn Profile

"We love using Evvnt. The results we can clearly see, more dancing feet in the door, listing used to be a bore and something we do no more! Hurrah! So thanks to the crew for helping us sell more brew. Hat’s off to all of you!”

Hayley SquiresHayley Squires

"We had a successful method of creating conference awareness, ticket sales and brochure downloads via the web and it was simply by adding our conferences and courses on to credible event listing sites. The challenge we faced was the time and resource needed to achieve the required results. Evvnt placed us on more sites quickly and effectively saving the organisation over 600 hours.

The initial results look good, we are starting to see a clear return on investment and quantifiable results from Evvnt.”

Steven OesterreichSteven OesterreichArk Group Case Study



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